• Storie Women | Meet Shirley Karinch – Ms. PA Senior America 2001
  • My Life Lessons Project - Showcasing Veterans: Meet Marine Corp Veteran Christopher Bower!
  • My Life Lessons Project Meet Chris Kraras - President of White Star Tours!
  • Meet Mike Miller men's basketball coach in Alvernia University
  • Beverage Identification and SCORE - Meet Lori Williams!
  • Storied Women | Meet Eleanor Heller – Ms. PA Senior America, 1997
  • Living Day by Day - Meet Lung Transplant Recipient Patty Mahlon
  • Member Spotlight | Meet Sherry Kutz with Paramount Living Aids
  • Safe Berks | Meet Tori Chalmers
  • Safe Berks | Meet Macey Markowitz
  • Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Jennifer Schmehl
  • Member Spotlight | Meet Wanda Torres from WANT Consulting
  • Storied Women | Meet Merle Millhimes – Ms. PA Senior America, 1994
  • My Life Lessons Project Showcasing Seniors Adult - Meet Ms. Jo-Ann Pierie
  • Reading Buccaneers add the Pagoda Award to their resume
  • Member Spotlight | Meet Dan Clouser from BIG Vision Foundation
  • Meet Troy Longenecker, owner of Anytime Fitness in West Lawn, PA
  • Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Gilbert Nazario
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Ten Minutes with Seth Godin.

Seth Godin shares achievable goals we can do today to create change. If anyone can keep it simple and inspire impactful ways of doing business, it's Seth Godin. Seth shares achievable goals we can do today to create change. When you have ten minutes with Seth Godin you may want to cram eighteen

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