5 Stories YOU Should Be Telling

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5 Stories YOU Should Be Telling

Many People find it difficult to talk about themselves, and tend to stay very modest when it comes to sharing stories that could really make a huge impact on others. Some have even convinced themselves that they don’t have anything to talk about. If you are one of these people the fact of the matter is you have been spending so much time keeping everything to yourself you may have just forgot how to tell your story. This is why we have developed this article covering the 5 Stories You Should Be Telling because if you don’t use it you lose it. Some of you out there just need an outlet, so if you’re ready to tell your story visit this link>>>(Share), but be sure to review this article it could be a great help.

Values & Ethics Stories

In these 5 Stories YOU Should Be Telling, you can should first depict the values and ethics that are at the core of your organization. Examples of core values can include integrity, excellence, empowerment, respect, embracing diversity.  Value stories will help people identify with your organization. One main reason that people give to specific nonprofits is based on shared values – how can you express your unique values to supporters and potential supporters?

Social Proof Stories

Which influential community members have been moved by your work? Who are your biggest supporters?  Offering this kind of social proof makes donors and supporters sit up and take notice – especially if you are a small, community-based nonprofit.

Founder Stories

In telling your founder story, you need to ask the following questions:

Why was your organization started in the first place?

What was that like for them? What were their struggles in the beginning?Who identified the need?

Continuous Improvement Stories

Show your supporters that your nonprofit is continually learning and improving.

How have you adapted to the needs of the people you serve throughout the years?

Impact Stories

These stories are by far the most important. Donors, volunteers, staff, stakeholders – they all want to know what impact your organization is having on the problem, the cause and the world.



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