Premiere Reading Royals Show! – ‘We Believe’


Meet Jack Gulati. Jack Gulati is a very successful serial entrepreneur. Meet the man behind the success. Jack is a dedicated family man loyal to his family and to the greater Reading community. In March of 2014 it was announced that the Reading Royals hockey team was for sale. Fearing the Royals may leave town Jack Gulati bought the team. Jack said "The Reading Royals must stay in Reading! Reading needs the hockey team".

Jack Gulati not only believes the Reading Royals belong in Reading, he also believes the Reading Royals have a bigger part to play in Reading. Yes, they play ice hockey but their role goes beyond the rink. Jack, the administration, the staff, the coach and the players are all committed to playing their part off the ice to do what they can to support the greater Reading community.

Whether they are mentoring children in the community or teaching them to play ice hockey, the Reading Royals are also supporting the Berks Food Bank, Veterans and Autism Awareness (just to name a few). This team is committed to giving back to their community and this series will showcase a few of those stories.  Learn more about the Reading Royals

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