A strong work ethic is imperative…

A strong work ethic is imperative if you want to play professional hockey.

Jordan Heywood received the Fan’s Choice Award and the Sportsmanship award in his first season playing with the Reading Royals.  Now in his second season with the Royals he is the player that makes the most community appearances.  Jordan says “As athletes we have an incredible opportunity to have an impact on people and to give back.  We are in a situation we can influence young people that other people can’t …. part of the reason I want to give back is my faith in Christ.  That is a driving force in my life”.

Jordan Heywood has been playing hockey since he was 4 years old.  Growing up in Canada he played in high school, then in a junior league in British Columbia.  He went on to play in college in Andover MA before coming to Reading.

Jordan says playing professional hockey is a real eye opener.  He talks about the work ethic necessary to succeed.  “It is eye opening to play professional hockey.  It is not a breeze.  A lot of guys want to play and only a certain number of spots to fill.”   He adds, “You have to bring your best everyday.  There’s a lot of on-ice and off-ice preparations.  You must be mentally in the right frame of mind.” 

This team is committed to giving back to their community and this series will showcase a few of those stories.  Learn more about the Reading Royals

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