Reading Royals Support Hope Rescue Mission

Reading Royals Support Hope Rescue Mission

Meet Kerry Moore, he had a great job, then the recession hit. The business went under and Kerry lost his job. Eventually his unemployment ran out, his savings dwindled and there were still no jobs available. Kerry found himself of the steps of the Hope Rescue Mission. Kerry says the people at the Hope Rescue Mission goes the distance to get a man back on his feet, begin important to society again and becoming self-sustaining. Kerry said he went to Hope Rescue Mission looking for work. He found it at the front desk and eventually worked his way into leading an employer outreach program.

Kerry says Hope Rescue Mission helps men through personal issues, helping them put addictions and crime behind them. They believe these men deserve a second chance.   Kerry has been hired by the DoubleTree in Reading. He has been going to Royals games since they came to town but this is the first year he was able to be a season ticket holder and couldn’t be happier about that since the Royals are partnering with Hope Rescue Mission for their Champions Of Hope Campaign Kerry says the $120 donation to sponsor a man for a week gets that man 2 meals a day , a warm safe place to sleep and shower and do laundry. It’s just the basics needed to help get a man back on track.

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