• Member Spotlight - Meet Sherry Kutz from Assured Assistance
  • My Life Lessons Project Featuring Stories from Immigrants | Meet Rubina Tareen
  • Member Spotlight Meet Mike Hartman from 1847 Financial
  • Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Karen Marsdale
  • My Life Lessons Project Showcasing Veterans - Meet Myrtle Council
  • Making Music is Fun And So Much More for Gerald Veasley
  • Member Spotlight Meet | Kathy Campbell from Crystal Cave
  • Talking Sports and Fitness | Meet  Ralph Clark
  • Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet James Guischard
  • Fajjr+ali are joyfully and musically spontaneous!
  • Keiko Matsui talks about her deep connection to her fans.
  • Member Spotlight Meet Jim Smith with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Harry Crosswell
  • Meet Tiffany Cappellano Head Coach for the Lynx field hockey program.
What’s the Story
What’s the Story? with Jo Painter | Meet Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson says “It's all in the family now”! This busy lady shares her story of transition from the corporate world to successful entrepreneurship. She speaks of leveraging the talents of partners to form a cohesive group. Pollen Consolidated, Lovin Spoonful and Reading Occasional Cocktail

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Talking Sport & Fitness with Zeke
Talking Sports and Fitness | Meet Joe Ferrari

Talking Sports and Fitness | Meet Joe Ferrari Reading High wrestling coach Joe Ferrari shares with Zeke the story of a milestone season for the Red Knights and himself. When Ferrari became the wrestling head coach at Reading High, he wanted to build a program around a solid work ethic and a

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Storied Women
Pure Food for Thought
Ten Minutes with Seth Godin.

Seth Godin shares achievable goals we can do today to create change. If anyone can keep it simple and inspire impactful ways of doing business, it's Seth Godin. Seth shares achievable goals we can do today to create change. When you have ten minutes with Seth Godin you may want to cram eighteen

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