Baltimore Scout Troop 733

Baltimore Scout Troop 733

Baltimore Scout Troop Chooses Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation Camp Meade for their Summer Camp Trip.  Julien Mouton and Casey Murray from Baltimore Boy Scout Troop 733 say they heard a lot of good things about Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, Camp Meade. When they did their research it sealed the deal. Their summer camp trip would be Camp Meade. Julien and Casey tell Adrienne Wrona, District Executive with the Boy Scouts, Hawk Mountain Council, that the food is good and the fact that there is a lake AND a pool is the icing on the cake. These boys detail all the things that keep them in the Boy Scout program. Organization and discipline are on the list, but not the top of the list. Tune in and find out what excites them the most.

Learn more about our series 'Prepare For Lifebrought to you by Hawk Mountain Scout Council.


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