Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Elizabeth Sichinga

Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Elizabeth Sichinga

Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Elizabeth Sichinga

In my interview with Elizabeth Sichinga with African Global Super Center we learn how her small business, which focuses on opening trade between the United States and Africa, has been able to utilize SCORE over the years to build her business.

Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth brings together SMEs, which are Small and Medium Size Enterprises, by educating businesses on how to do business in the United States for those who are in Africa and Africa for those who are in the United States.

Elizabeth shares with us how those who mentored her not only provided her with business advice but also provided her with valuable training. One of the sessions she attended was our eight-week course on How To Start Your Own Business. Training in International Trade helped her to round out the training she needed to create her business. 

She met once again with a new energy realizing what she wanted to do was larger than what one person could accomplish. With the assistance of her mentors she created her mission and business plan to move forward with building a support group of senior partners, business partners, and technical advisors.

Her business, through conferences both in the United States and Africa, help to create support for small and medium sized enterprises through government support as well as building relationships between United States and African businesses. In the future, AGSC is looking forward to even opening warehouses in the United States and Africa. 

For Elizabeth, SCORE provides her with the technical support she needs to continue to build her business. She looks at her mentors as a team of consultants to provide her with valuable advice.

Listen to more of our story on SCORE, the Best Kept Secret and learn about how we are impacting other small business owners through mentoring and training.

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