Berks Schuylkill SCORE | Meet Karen Shiffert

Karen Shiffert Invents a Bed Sled and SCORE Helps Her Take It To Market

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention. The necessity is the ability to move a bedridden person and the invention is the Tuxedo Bed Sled. Karen Shiffert is the owner of Caregivers Aide, LLC. Her husband suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and passed away about 3 years ago. Karen is a seamstress and fashioned a sort of sled for ease of moving her husband around in the bed. It was also used to transport his body to the funeral home. The funeral directors appreciated the ease with which a body could be transported with the bed sled. Their input resulted in some structural changes and a demand from funeral homes. But Karen needed a plan. That’s where SCORE came in. Karen attended SCORE classes at RACC and learned how to develop a business plan and crunch the numbers to determine if this idea was realistic. SCORE also afforded her the opportunity to compete in Lion Launch, a Shark Tank like competition funded through Penn State University. She was able to SCORE a prize money to market her new business.

Watch or Listen to more of our story on SCORE, the Best Kept Secret and learn about how we are impacting other small business owners through mentoring and training.

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