Why is Berks Women In Crisis The Place You Start?

Why is Berks Women In Crisis The Place You Start?

Christine Gilfillin talks with Mary Kay Bernosky, the Executive Director of Berks Women In Crisis, talk about why Berks Women In Crisis really is “The Place You Start”… to be in the driver’s seat and take control of your life. Mary Kay shares how and why she merged her legal career with her passion for helping women.

She discusses her exposures to domestic violence issues in her family and how those experiences framed her passion to make a difference. The broad spectrum of exposure to this issue across all demographics in our society motivates her to keep working to make resources available to everyone who needs assistance to regain control of their lives. Find out what Berks Women In Crisis is doing in their 40th year and how you can be part of it

Learn more about our series 'The Place You Startbrought to you by  Berks Women in Crisis.

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