Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest Backstage Pass featuring the Cullen Brothers, Matt and Dave! Part 1

What was it like growing up in the Cullen Household? Matt and Dave Cullen take us there.

We have been going backstage but this time we went back home with the Cullen Brothers, Matt and Dave!   They reminisce about the favorite rooms in their house and how those settings set the stage for their musical careers.  They talk about growing up with 10 kids in a home that was really a garden where musical seeds were planted and all 10 kids had their moment on a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, French horn and drums.  This family rivals the VonTrappe Family when it comes to sharing music.

As joy and unabashed smiles dance across their faces, they share their memories and admiration for the other’s talents.  They talk about the musicians that make up Cullen & Company with excited anticipation that is quite contagious.

Enjoy the stories of the Boscov's Berks Jazz Fest Backstage Pass Series made possible by the Berks Arts Council.  Visit their home page for performance schedules Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest.

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