Boyertown PAYS Task Force Does Big Things

Boyertown PAYS Task Force Does Big Things.

Communities across America are working to promote safe streets and safe spaces for youth to grow.  A perfect example is what is happening in the town of Boyertown.  School administrators, parents, law enforcement, youth and social service agencies meet on a monthly basis to address challenges in the community.  The Boyertown PAYS Task Force was formed in 2013.  Assistant Superintendent of Boyertown School District Rob Scorboria and School Counselor Marilee Cassidy  said the results of student surveys  encouraged the planning and implementation of school and community related programs.  

The evidence based programs were implemented to  address mental health, drug and alcohol use and decision making skills.  Securing grant funding  has enabled the group to expand programs and initiatives aimed to improve the overall wellness of young people in the Boyertown Area School District.  In recognition of the great work being done in the community, the Boyertown PAYS Task Force received the Bud Haines Community Service Award at the 2015 Council on Chemical Abuse Annual Awards Luncheon.  

Rob Scorboria says the overall involvement of committed and talented individuals giving of their time and sharing expertise has been instrumental  to making connections as well as capitalize on resources.  For more information about the great work happening in Boyertown, visit their website at

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