BWIC Has Made Me A Better Person In Many Ways

BWIC Has Made Me A Better Person In Many Ways

Mereliss Colon is the Assistant Director of Residential Service at Berks Women In Crisis. She talks about how the person ‘before BWIC’ is different from the person ‘after BWIC’. She describe a typical day at the Safe House and the ways that BWIC teaches you about a better life that you can live, and how to spot red flags in relationships.

Mereliss tells Christine Gilfillin, Associate Director at Berks Women In Crisis, that the work done at BWIC grabbed her attention because there is a history of domestic and sexual violence in her family. Mereliss talks about the term, ‘machista’ and says domestic violence is accepted and almost ‘the normal’ in the Hispanic culture.

Mereliss is on a mission and says she will never leave her job at BWIC. She is passionate about her work and says domestic violence should not define the Hispanic community. Berks Women In Crisis teaches that domestic violence and trauma is not normal. She says when she tells people she works at BWIC the reaction is, “WOW, you guys do a lot of good things!” and that make her proud of what she does.

Learn more about our series 'The Place You Startbrought to you by  Berks Women in Crisis.

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