Camp – What Really Happens There?

Camp – What Really Happens There?

You always wondered:  what is the attraction to Scout camp?   Now Adrienne Wrona, a district director for the Hawk Mountain Council, shares the inside scoop with great enthusiasm!  Adrienne recalls fond memories of attending Tiger Day Camp with her brother and Dad when she was a kid.  She even remembers the archery range volunteer by name, Denny Greenfield.  You see, Denny called her to join the boys in learning how to shoot a bow.  

She was hooked and eventually became a camp counselor and now works for the scouts as a COPE and Climbing director at camp.  COPE is an acronym for challenging outdoor personal experiences.  Adrienne details the ‘ropes’ for Bill Garrett, Scout Executive and CEO of the Hawk Mountain Council.  The biggest reward is watching scouts and adults grow together in team building, leadership and problem solving skills all while having fun!

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