Challenges Small Business Face

Challenges Small Business Face

When asked, what is the biggest challenge small business owners have?, Lori Donofrio-Galley, Executive Director for the Northeast Chamber of Commerce says, “There are many, but the number one challenge is time management.”

Small business owners need to wear many hats when running a business. Not only do they have to pull up their sleeves and get involved with working on the product or service they sell. They also have to run their businesses making sure every part of the business runs smoothly.

Lori shares the many ways SCORE provides small business owners with the ability to improve and work on these challenges. Those business owners who make SCORE their best kept secret are able to leverage on the free, confidential mentoring waiting for them.

Make SCORE your best kept secret.  Feel free to visit our website to find mentors not only in your area but also across the United States.

Listen to more of our story on SCORE, the Best Kept Secret and learn about how we are impacting other small business owners through mentoring and training.

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