Up close and personal with Randy Peers

Up close and personal with Randy Peers

Randy Peers is the new leader of the Greater Reading Chamber and Economic Development Corporation or the GRCEDC. They are looking for a new name by the way, something that rolls off the tongue a bit easier!  Randy is charged with integrating the Greater Reading Chamber of Business and Economic Development, Greater Reading Economic Partnership and the Greater Berks Development Fund into one umbrella organization.

Randy says t the financing arm in the mix strengthens the capacity to expand business attraction, and business development and makes Reading and Berks is really innovative.Randy talks about what motivated him to relocate from New York where he ran the Brooklyn Chamber and a job training organization for disconnected youth.

He shares some more personal reasons that drew him to this area and his biggest surprise when he came here. Randy notes that the biggest advantage for him in this challenge is the fact that he is not from this area. It allows him to tackle the challenge of integrating 3 organizations without any preconceived notions shading his perspective. Randy says themes have emerged and one of them is – “The city of Reading really does matter!” Randy speaks to the difference between collaboration and integration and is energized and excited for the potential for change. Watch or Listen more episode on What's the Story? with Jo Painter

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