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The PEOPLE Chronicles

~ Community Impact through the Art of Storytelling. ~

That’s what we do!  I am Toni Reece and we are storytellers and through storytelling we share experiences, our challenges and our joys. Storytelling is how we come to understand one another; the greater our understanding the stronger we are. Our own story was to create a little space where these stories could be shared; our little way to help grow and develop community. However, the response has been so overwhelming, that ‘little space’ has grown into what you see here.

We collect the stories of our community then publish them so they may be shared and, together, we may grow. You can be included here too; individuals, nonprofits, and organizations of all size and market.  The spirit of the Chronicles is that all storytellers are equal. If you never had the opportunity to tell your story we’d like to hear from you. If you tell stories for a living we’d like to hear from you. If you have no idea what your story is (everyone has one, but not everyone knows where to find it) we do and we’d like to hear from you perhaps most of all.


Here's how to get a hold of us:

email us at

Contact us at 484-577-3699  or  Jo Painter, Vice President at 610-763-0835 or Contact me at 610-207-6573

We are storytellers - what's your story?

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