Entrepreneurs are their story!  Entrepreneurs are in it to win. They take chances. They trust their gut. They ask smart people smart questions but at the end of the day they go with gut. They win sometimes and sometimes they lose; probably losing more than not. They are resilient and when knocked down get right back up smarter and more assured. This is the stuff of stories. Heck, this is the stuff of movies!

Most people care about the things that touch, move, and inspire them. They make decisions based on emotion, and then look for the facts that support these decisions. Thus it behooves every entrepreneur to learn how to craft stories from their personal experience and the world at large that make an emotional connection, as well as tie in the facts.

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to share knowledge, history, and ideas. Sure they contain facts, but often emotion is what makes them work. How often do you get beyond the facts in your pitch to customers and investors? If you want to kick your business up a level, maybe it’s time to add some stories to your message.

In today’s economy we can no longer just trust traditional marketing.  We have to get creative and find innovative ways to connect with our audience.  We mentor you through the crafting process, you create and tell your stories through video or audio podcasts and we support your marketing by sharing your stories with your audience. 

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who has stories to tell and want more information – call us today!

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