Brad Weisman

Welcome to my Podcast Series - 'How you show up!'

Brad Weisman - How you show up?

Hi my name is Brad Weisman – ask me what I do and my answer will be – everything I can!

Here’s my story...

I have been a Realtor for the past 20 + years and still enjoy being part of the largest investment most people make in their lifetime! I also like to give back to the non-profit world and work with great non-profits such as – Annual Cystic Fibrosis Valentines Gala and Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance (Board President). I also love to sing and am part of a duo group known as Reminisce. However, all of the above is just part of my story, I want to share with you very important life lessons that have had significant impact on my business and personal life. They all centered around one question . . .

How Do YOU Show Up? For me, the answer to this question, became a life changing moment. Ask yourself and those whom you work and live with – how do they perceive you? (How you show up to them). You might be surprised to learn that how you think you are showing up is completely different from how you really show up to those around you. This difference in perception could be holding you back in both business and personal relationships. It did for me! Does “how you are showing up” need an adjustment? Mine did and I want to share my stories with you so you might learn from not only my mistakes but my successes that all related to how I showed up.


Here’s What’s Happening!
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