Chuck Holder, LLC

Welcome to our Podcast Series “IT’S AS REAL AS IT GETS”


Small business owners are Chuck’s heroes. He understands the difficulties of being an entrepreneur or a person with a desire to be their own boss and the multitude of daily challenges. Success is not a guarantee and more often than not failure is the reality. Because he believes small business owners should have every opportunity to accomplish their goals, fulfill their vision and live life on their terms, he developed Chuck Holder, LLC, a business consulting firm.

Chuck studied accounting and business management at Shippensburg University, and is the President of Entrepreneur’s Connection. Chuck has a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur of multiple businesses. His most rewarding business education was the lessons learned and relationships developed when he owned a limousine company. Meeting and corresponding with business people every day from all over the world with diversified backgrounds, varied fields of expertise, different education models and economic valuations provided a diverse and intense culture of real world business values and ethics.

Chuck says “A couple of the rules I follow in business are nobody intimidates me and I absolutely treat people the way I prefer to be treated. People can only treat you the way you let them. Nice guys don't have to finish last and good guys more often than not will finish first”.  This podcast series features real life conversations with entrepreneurs, consultants, advisers and even the neighbor down the street. Chuck says we can learn something from everyone.

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