Examining the Gender Role

Examining the Gender Role

Berks Women In Crisis provides shelter and other intervention services and also has a very robust prevention education program. Matthew Bailey is a BWIC community educator and a change agent. Matthew was attracted by the BWIC’s ideology of "never violence" which is also his personal belief. Matthew does not believe people should ever be disempowered.

He says, “I see a lot of young men who have no concept of respect and the qualities of being loved and caring. I spend a lot of my time trying to get people to see outside the box and see how you can be masculine without being aggressive or violent." He is continually surprised by all the mis-information that is out there in the community. For example, he says a girl or woman should be able to wear whatever she wants and you should be able to control yourself. Matthew is surprised that people still don’t know these things.

One of his biggest challenges is dealing with people who are set in their ways. Matthew says when he hears grown men saying sexist or racist things he has to gauge whether he feel safe enough to let them know what they are saying is not OK. He notes “The biggest struggle is gauging your safety while trying to make positive changes.” Find out how the quest to make positive change has changed Matthew

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