Fajjr+ali are joyfully and musically spontaneous!

Fajjr+ali are joyfully and musically spontaneous! They even share a brand new song, singing acapella on the spot!

Fajjr+ali combine their musical talents and what a blend it is. “We improvise everything and go with the flow”, says Fajjr.   The result is two singles, “Got To Be’ and ‘Without You’. That got the attention of a producer in LA and a soon to be released EP with 6 more songs is on the horizon!

Fajjr+ali write music very spontaneously – literally on the spot! Find out how the song ‘Got To Be’ came about. The song makes a social statement on a personal level. Expressing frustration over having an opinion about something and someone else having a completely different opinion and no matter what you say you can’t change their mind. They wondered, how do you move forward when you feel so strongly about an issue and you can't change somebody’s mind? And so the song begins, “Let me be quiet because you seem to have all the answers”.

The video was filmed in Allentown, PA choreographed by the non profit ‘Xcape Company’. It visually and artfully brings the song down to a relationship between two kids. In the end there is HOPE, Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vv_AdbQwMg

Plus you get a first listen to a brand new song ‘Space Walk’. This is what happened when a producer turned on a beat and locked them in a windowless room … another spontaneous songwriting adventure!

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