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Each week The PEOPLE Chronicles highlights a member of our community in a podcast and video presentation call “Feature Stories”. These are people, like you, who through their own life experiences have a story that we can learn from.   You will hear stories of little ideas that turned into enormous success like that of Mike and Joe’s Barber Shop in downtown Reading, whose fundraising efforts had great impact on their neighborhood. Stories of loss that help us learn the real meaning of hope like that of Laney Brown’s Grandfather Bob Capone. Stories of survival that teach each of us the value of life and determination to live it to its fullest like that of Bernie Nowotarski  whose story is just that.The stories are presented in podcast and video formats.  Our hopes are that you not only listen and/or watch but also share these stories.

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What is storytelling?

Storytelling is at the center of the human experience. It is a compelling form of communication. Through stories we let our communities know what is important to us: our struggles, successes and life lessons, our beliefs, our values, our traditions, our hopes and our dreams.

How does storytelling impact community?

  • Communities come alive through telling and retelling our stories. Stories are told and retold in response to real community questions and needs.
  • Stories are what communities need to know that they know, that it is not all gloom and doom. We have stories of resilience, motivation, innovation, and stories of life-sized, everyday heroes.
  • Storytelling builds relationships and creates opportunities for people to be heard.
  • Telling stories is a way to honor our past, describe our present and shape our future. The future of our communities.

What’s your story?

We will be posting new stories weekly. Please subscribe to these stories and share them with others within our community.If you have a story to tell – email us at info@thepeoplechronicles.com or call us at 484-577-3699 today!

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