Tourism 411

The PEOPLE Chronicles and Go Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau has developed an FYI Educational Series - Tourism 411 about the impact that a Convention and Visitors Bureau has on our local community. This series is hosted by Crystal Seitz, President of Go Greater Reading and provides insight, stats and information that is relevant to visitors, leaders and our community as a whole.

Tourism Basics

What comes to mind when you think of a visitors’ bureau? Do you envision a wall of brochures, or a person a desk giving directions? Think again! Better yet, take a journey with Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau President, Crystal Seitz to gain a better understanding of how your local tourism industry works to promote Berks County. Sure, dispensing brochures and directions is part of the job, but ultimately, Go Greater Reading works to promote the region, and attract visitors that create jobs, lower taxes and spur economic growth. Surprised? Watch the video, and learn!

Know Your Market

Arts and culture, outdoor adventure, millennials, baby boomers, and generation xers … like any business, Go Greater Reading recognizes the importance of knowing the product and the audience to market successfully. The visitors’ bureau enlisted the help of travel industry experts to survey and identify Berks County’s assets, as well as those groups most interested in these resources. Go Greater Reading relied on the destination analysis to hone and improve their marketing strategy. Once again, watch and learn.

Building a place where people want to live.

Tourism’s effect on a community is far reaching. Consider this, as more people travel to an area, the more desirable it becomes. Businesses, move to popular regions, bringing more jobs. The community grows richer, and stronger, as does its resources. The next video helps to explain how tourism is relevant to you and the tremendous impact of tourism on a region. Enjoy this next lesson on tourism.  Feel free to share. 

Just Get Them Here

We re-positioned our CVB as a regional tourism hub by  transitioning to Pennsylvania's Americana Region. Additionally, we listed all the tourism assets within Berks, and some beyond our borders, on our website.  The enhanced inventory optimizes reason for travel to our area.  If we can just get them here, visitors will use our destination as a hub to all the places they want to see and experience. Watch and learn!

CVB What does GREAT look likes?

Our market study identified three groups, Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials, interested in the features Pennsylvania's Americana Region offers tourists. With our visitors identified, we next inventoried our many tourism assets. The more we counted, the more we realized all the great things that happen here. Watch and learn!

What is Americana?

Americana is history, tradition, scenic countrysides, farmlands, blue jeans, fast cars, railroads, baseball, great food, community, and more. When you think about it, Greater Reading, Berks County is Americana! We are a little slice of America in one location. We are Pennsylvania's Americana Region. Great Stuff Happens Here! Watch, learn, and pass it on!
Here’s What’s Happening!
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