Get Inspired Project

Inspired Leadership interview Series!

Get Inspired Project – Inspired Leadership

Berks County Living and Humanity Works 2 have repurposed the very popular Get Inspired Project into an Inspired Leadership series.  During this COVID-19 global pandemic, inspired leaders are emerging from all walks of life.  We are asking people of Berks County what it means to be an inspired leader and what is inspiring them as we move through this challenging time in our world.  This series is hosted by Toni Reece and Toni asks each interviewee the same four questions:

  • What does "Inspired Leadership" mean to you?
  • How are you putting inspired leadership into practice during this time of crisis?
  • During this time what have you witnessed that has inspired you?  Moved you?
  • What is the one message you want to leave people with during this time?

The beauty of the project is in the diversity of the answers.  Enjoy this version of The Get Inspired Project – Inspired Leadership.

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