The Get Inspired Project in Partnership with Berks County Living Magazine!

Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia - the original Get Inspired! Project was created by Toni Reece in October 2009 with the goal of sharing stories of everyday inspiration from everyday people - 365 interviews in 365 days. The site received over 80,000 hits in its first month; at the end of the original project in October of 2010 the project was being following by 4 million people!  A testament to the human spirit it has touched. Folks from around the world have shared their responses to four simple questions in 15 minute conversations.  The ideal size for a daily bite sized piece of inspiration. Perhaps no other emotion speaks more clearly to the human condition than inspiration. What is it about the stories of others that cause us to reflect on our own so movingly? What if these simple stories could be collected and shared with others; one per day for an entire year? Would it inspire someone, somewhere to do something differently; to think in a new or refreshing way?

Berks County Living Magazine loves the Get Inspired Project and has brought it back to life!  Over the last two years, Toni Reece has been interviewing people from all over Berks County, Pennsylvania, using the same powerful four questions.  Follow this link to enjoy the interviews that everyone is talking about and we are sure you will also get inspired!