Humanize Profit

by Craig Poole

Successful business leaders have discovered that in order to make their businesses work they need to “humanize” every aspect of their business.  Humanizing profit takes the emphasis solely off of the currency exchange and creates a much more powerful human transaction that permeates through every part of the business.  As leaders we are focused on our business and employees’ performance. But we also need to ask ourselves the following:

How resilient are our employees and managers when times are tough and also when we are experiencing growth?

Are we able to teach our team to look for opportunities within failures as well as successes?  

Do we as leaders create a culture for our managers and employees that allow the freedom for them to fail?

How innovative are our practices and do we build innovation into key performance indicators?

What is the current priority and sense of urgency around building a great experience for all human transactions – not just external to our customers but internal to our employees?

How does all of this impact PROFIT?  

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