Knowledge Is Power …. Meet Russ Hoke

Knowledge Is Power …. Meet Russ Hoke

Russ Hoke (Mr Education) Dir of Education Services in addition to mentorship and counseling SCORE has an education component We us RACC facilities and there is a minimal registration fee for the classes. We also conduct ‘Starting A Small Business Boot Camp’ at Penn State Schuylkill Campus There are no ‘typical’ students. We have technologists, hobbyists, stay-at- home Moms. Some students have an idea for a business, others have already started a business, and still others have no idea what kind of business they want to start.

In addition to RACC classes we offer tailored classes … some of the favorites are Big Focus On Small Business, Marketing & Selling, Time Management & Finance and Social Media. Listen to more of our story on SCORE, the Best Kept Secret and learn about how we are impacting other small business owners through mentoring and training.

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