Marches, History, Bicycle Clubs and The Ringgold Band – The Penn Wheelman Story!

We are excited to present this mini series of 3 podcasts that tell the story of a recent recording session. Monroe Althouse, Berks County's very own March King, wrote a March entitled Penn Wheelman in honor of the Penn Wheelman Bicycle Club active in Reading, PA in the mid 1800's that sponsored bicycle races that attracted racers from all over the world. These races pre-date the Tour de France. Dave Kline is leading an exciting project to bring these races back to Reading, PA. Dave made a special request to The Ringgold Band to record the March so that it could be played at the start of the race. This three part series takes you on a journey starting with taking you behind the scenes and a sneak peak into what it is like to prepare for the session from the conductor's point of view and continuing through the process of recording. 

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