Meet Patti Trabosh, A Mom With A Mission.

Meet this Mom With A Mission

It’s every Mom’s worst nightmare, you find out your child is addicted to drugs.  Addiction is such an insidious disease and recovery is a process that requires constant navigation.  Patti Trabosh talks candidly about her journey with her son Nikko and her experience with insurance companies calling the shots and pulling the plug on recovery.  She says it was during a second stint in rehab while at the Caron Foundation that Nikko’s insurance was denied.  Caron Foundation offered a scholarship to help Nikko stay for full treatment.  That’s when Patti’s mission began.  She is grateful for the assistance and is determined to pay it forward.  She wants to help others with financial assistance for rehab if they need it

Patti says the most important part of drug rehab is ‘after care’ which is expensive and is not generally covered by insurance.  Patti is organizing a walk on October 1 in Kutztown.  She wants to pay it forward and help others with funding if they need it to remain in rehab.  Patti shares some tell tale signs of addiction that she saw in her son Nikko and offers some ways for parents to deal with their child’s addiction and help them through it.  You can get more information about the walk by calling 484-955-9444.

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