Talking Sport and Fitness with Zeke | Meet Melissa Hummel and David James Twiford – Pt. Two

Part Two: On their I-Form Fitness Studio

Melissa Hummel and David James Twiford, who own the I-Form Fitness Studio in West Reading, share with Zeke their individual specialties and pursuits. Hummel is a Titleist-certified golf conditioning specialist and marathon runner, competing in numerous marathons, including Boston's. Hummel tells Zeke that she is training for this year’s Philadelphia Marathon. Twiford is an avid bicyclist and participates in the annual New York City five-borough bike ride. He organizes bike trips for local charities. Twiford also is a senior fitness strength and conditioning specialist, working with 50- to 90-year-olds. He calls that group active aging.  Watch or Listen to more of our story on Talking Sports and Fitness with Zeke.

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