A Non-Profit’s Most Powerful Marketing Weapon: Its Story


1. Non-profits need to tell their stories in outcomes terms. Focus on the long-term, measurable changes your organization makes on the world, otherwise donors won’t believe in your cause. Communicate the emotional core of your message—how you’re changing the world.

2. Non-profits need to deeply understand their donors. In order to communicate your story in a way that really compels donors to act, your organization needs to get into real market research.

In today’s economy we can no longer just trust traditional marketing. We have to get creative and find innovative ways to connect with our audience. We mentor you through the crafting process, you create and tell your stories through video or audio podcasts and we support your marketing by sharing your stories with your audience.

The scope of human need in our community is vast. Non-profits exist to fill the void between what the government can’t do and what for profits aren’t built to do when it comes to supporting our neighbors in need (even our little furry ones). These are the stories of passion and purpose from those who spend every day giving voice to those without and in the process make Berks a better place for us all.

Check out the drop down menu under the Non-Profit heading and listen to the Non-Profits who are telling their stories about doing work that matters.

Are you part of a Non-Profit and want to share your stories – call us at 610-207-6573 for more information!

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