The Highlands at Wyomissing is excited to be part of the "My Life Lessons Project" Showcasing Senior Adults. We believe that senior adults have invaluable life lessons to share. We have partnered with The PEOPLE Academy, producers of The PEOPLE Chronicles a Community Storytelling platform, to be able to showcase these amazing people and their powerful life lessons. Each interview will consist of eight powerful questions. We are honored to present "My Life Lessons Project" Showcasing Senior Adults. Enjoy!


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Jo-Ann Pierie

Love means reaching out and understanding rather than criticizing, being there for people who need you. Love is far reaching more than just a single relationship.
Jo-Ann PierieMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults

Dr. Robert Motsay

People who do not know me would be surprised that I was a physician, an avid hunter, studied opera took opera vocal lessons and had an understudy role for La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera House!
Dr. Robert MotsayMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Dr. Thomas Souders

I have had a long interaction with the public in my medical career, but people would be surprised to know that I am socially retiring.
Dr. Thomas SoudersMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Mary Jane Garbo

I’m fairly easy to talk to and open but I think what might surprise people the most about me is that on the one hand I love the arts but I am also a gadget freak!
Mary Jane GarboMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Robert Eschelman

The experience of losing a child teaches one to honor other people, family and to honor and respect love.
Robert EschelmanMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Angela Calabria

My greatest life lesson is to continue to be more tolerant and patient with people.
Angela CalabriaMy Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Dr. Richard Baumbach

In the long run we are a speck of dust in the universe, so I just want to be remembered as a good man who did right by my family and mankind.
Dr. Richard Baumbach.My Life Lessons Project Showcasing Senior Adults


Merri Wooley-Bengtson

Just get out there and smile and you will feel good and others will feel good too.
Merri Wooley-BengtsonMy Life Lessons Project


Dr. Sandra Becker

I start each day with a prayer of gratitude that I may use my day to the fullest because this day is a gift.
Dr. Sandra BeckerMy Life Lessons Project


Evans Goodling

A great life includes financial security, a loving marriage and an opportunity to live in harmony with my neighbors.
Evans GoodlingMy Life Lessons Project


Elizabeth Charles

Love is a sharing between people of feelings and thoughts. Love is a feeling deep within inside of you that you do not need words to express yourself.
Elizabeth CharlesMy Life Lessons Project


Dr. John Robinson

Love thy neighbor. Life can be rough, but I learned that no matter how people act to you or what they say, there is always a good part to people, you just have to find it.
Dr. John Robinson My Life Lessons Project


Dr. George Gerhart

Over the years I have learned to believe in people and and trust them at the outset, in some circles there is an axiom that ‘you must earn my trust’ – I think about it differently, I believe you have to earn my distrust.
Dr. George Gerhart My Life Lessons Project


Jane Blair

My Father taught me that I am not the only pebble on the beach, I need to meet people and try to understand them and learn from them.
Jane BlairMy Life Lessons Project


Clarence “Dutch” Glauner

Deep love means to me that you actually loved a person. My wife and I loved each other for 78 years and we never had a disagreement!
Clarence "Dutch" GlaunerMy Life Lessons Project


Walter Bennis

The dictionary says love is intense affection, to me it means to put people ahead of yourself, to put their needs ahead of your own.
Walter Bennis My Life Lessons Project


Paul Hetrich

My greatest life lesson is making possibilities out of difficult situations.
Paul Hetrich My Life Lessons Project


Barbara Hetrich

Life was not easy, but it was wonderful!" "We need to learn not just to take but to give.
Barbara Hetrich My Life Lessons Project


Jack Boyle

I have ridden my bicycle across the country four times.
Jack BoyleMy Life Lessons Project


Hilde Gernsheimer

Love is family and a gift of life.
Hilde GernsheimerMy Life Lessons Project


Anne Richards

Acceptance, patience, warmth and not self-centeredness.
Anne RichardsMy Life Lessons Project


Elton Richards

If I had to do it over again, without a healthy self, I am not good for others. . .
Elton RichardsMy Life Lessons Project