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Nobody Told Me

Hello! My name is Amy Asztalos  and I'm a mother. This show is called "Nobody Told me" because nobody told me anything about anything ever.  At least that I heard.  I should have paid attention when people spoke to me about how to parent and quite frankly how to do EVERYTHING because now I am 47 years old and I'm just starting to catch a clue about life because I didn't listen.  I wanted to have a show about the racket of raising children and believe me I have plenty to say about that! But I kept coming back to a show that excites viewers, something that is not just narrowed down to wanting to punch the parenting clock 5 minutes after waking up.
This show is about my life as a mom, the wonderful people I surround myself with today and the obstacles we overcome on a daily basis as mothers and as human beings. So I knew I needed a wing-girl or wing-boy and Gammy's voice was in my head all the time so I asked him if he would be my wing-boy and he happily accepted. (At least that's what I heard) I have so much to say and want to express myself in a passionate way in order to reach the hearts of those near and far. I look forward to being a bridge not just in the mothering community but in the whatever you need to say  community. I look forward to reaching your heart. 
Peace Always, 
Amy Asztalos


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