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Now She Speaks - Joelle Nwoke

Now She Speaks by Joelle Nwoke shares her passion and purpose to empower women and help them achieve greatness!

Joelle Nwoke - Bio

Like you, motivational speaker, coach and author Joelle Nwoke has seen the word greatness defined numerous ways over the years. Is it charisma and positive thinking? Business suits and red power ties? Decisiveness? Is it meant only for the chosen few who rise to the top? Or, is there a secret sauce thats recipe is hidden from the ordinary person?

With over three decades of coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches life experience, her view is radically different.  Joelle appreciates, and shares with listeners, that greatness begins and ends with the way you think about the goal, your strategy, and yourself.  Greatness is for everyone, everyday no matter their current situation. It's how we should live our life.

Joelle, sometimes referred to as “The Mesmerizer” for her ability draw her crowd into a mesmerizing word vortex or as the “The People's Coach” for her coaching skill that brings out the best in people.  Joelle's fusion of real-life stories and her conversational quality allows her to connect with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Joelle's concept is simple: your personal greatness is directly in conjunction with your willingness to create thoughts that actuate your heart and mind to make it to the finish line. Once you understand and fully embrace that concept, you have the world and all it has to offer in the palm of your hands.

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