It's Personal with Toni Reece

Hi there – I’m Toni Reece and welcome to my new show – It’s Personal. I have spent the last twenty plus years working with people who either didn’t feel they had a voice or couldn’t find a platform to use their voice to help themselves and others around them. Once a person uses their voice to tell their story, well, magic happens. Learning, inspiration, innovation, sharing and creativity occur when stories are told.
My new show, It’s Personal, allows me the honor to interview people from every walk of life, ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. People who have deep convictions about issues or topics that are personal to them and have impact on us. These are people who represent your community, your neighbors, your friends, your families.
Join me on this inspiring journey of storytelling and uncovering what is most important to people. Why? Because it’s personal.

It’s Personal with Toni Reece

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