Pure Food for Thought™

The People Chronicles Original Series - Pure Food for Thought™ with Phoebe Canakis

Pure Food for Thought™

Pure Food for Thought™  are the stories of folks in food and business who have planted seeds, gotten their hands dirty, taken risks, fell and are rising, cultivating success. Guests share an enriching experience from their journey toward happiness and prosperity. Our host, Phoebe Canakis, is the creator of the phoebe's pure food blog, the 2 Weird Hungry Girls™ podcast and is a regular recipe and story contributor to regional publications. She celebrates seasonally chic, seductively wholesome and garden-to-plate foods.

Phoebe’s passion is inspiring folks to slow down, savor the moments and nosh at a tableful of healthy, whole foods.  

Learn more at www.phoebespurefood.com.

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