Reading Royals stage a game especially for those with autism.

Reading Royals stage a game especially for those with autism.

Alexy Posner of the Reading Royals tunes in to the Autism Story with Susan Swavely, a board member with Unending Promise. The Reading Royals gives back to the Community through their ‘We Believe’ campaign. They have partnered with Unending Promise and the Autism Association to dedicate the April Second Reading Royals game to Autism awareness. Susan’s 17-year old son Ryan has autism. This game is a big deal because the Royals lower lights and noise level making. That stimuli can be very disturbing for individuals with autism.

Unending Promise is an organization that works to provide skill development, social activities and meaningful relationships for individuals with autism. Their primary focus is on life skills and independent living. Unending Promise realizes the need for more focus on services for adults with autism. Susan says “autism is part of you but doesn’t define you!”. Daily life will be a little difficult. This Royals game raises awareness of sensory issues that people with autism face.

Learn more about the Reading Royals We Believe Series!

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