The Rewards of Volunteering at Opportunity House

The Rewards of Volunteering at Opportunity House

The staff calls her a superstar and the kids call her Miss Bev. Kate Alley VP Development at Opportunity House and Robert Waters, the Daycare Manager talk with Bev Sanders, a superstar volunteer at Opportunity House since 2012.

Robert says when Bev walked in to volunteer with the kids one day and quickly became family. Today she is in charge of arts & crafts for all ages. She helps kids make cool gifts for all the Holidays. Bev shares the stories of appreciation and surprise from family members who are recipients of these gifts. Bev has gotten so close to the kids she knits hats, mittens and sweaters for all the kids. Robert says the kids aren’t the only ones who look forward to Miss Bev visits. The staff truly appreciates the help she offers and the connections she has made with the kids.

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