Safe Berks | Meet Carmen White

1 in 5 College Women are Sexually Assaulted, Safe Berks is working to Change that Statistic On Local Campuses.

It is a strong desire to help others and make a difference that led Carmen White to leave the District Attorney’s Office and join the legal department full time at Safe Berks. In her new role Carmen not only serves as an attorney working directly with domestic violence and sexual assault victims, she also is able to work directly with young adults at the 5 area college campuses.

Carmen talks about some frustrations she experienced in the DA’s office that led her find a better way to help victims. She talks about the program and relationships being cultivated between Safe Berks and the local colleges and how they are working on both a micro and a macro level. Creating that safe place on college campuses allows better education, awareness and ultimately prevention. Learn more about our series 'The Place You Startbrought to you by  Safe Berks.

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