Spirit Stuff with Erin & Hillary:

A Friendrospective Experience (Explicit)

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What do Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones have in common? Uh, they’re all related to the spirit world! And they’re our favorite movies. Join Erin and Hill on a metaphysical adventure through psychic mediumship, intuition, and energy work, and learn how you can discover more about your own #spiritselfie!

Who we are…we are best friends.here are our stories

E…psychic medium. one of world's best moms (biased). lover of fashion. student and teacher of all things spiritual. wannabe vegan (I'm trying...). crystal hoarder. animal supporter - kitty/puppy vids are life. loud laugher/talker. adventurer. overall lover of life.

H...I love my city of Reading and all things PA, and I’m a cat mom, a wifey and a twin. My #spiritselfie usually includes something geometric, St Joan of Arc, the city of Atlantis, and probably something vaguely or totally overtly Catholic. But always prayer, awe, and wonder...

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