We have to talk about the issues before we can fix them.

We have to talk about the issues before we can fix them.

Tasha Isaac is the Director of Education and Community Outreach and oversees the prevention and education services. The depth and breadth of the education programs BWIC offers is little known. Tasha talks about the journey of change that our youth go through after attending Camp Peace Works. The transformative change empowers children to make a difference.

Tasha fell in love with anti-oppression work. She was sold on the work when she watched people going through a change process. Camp Peace Works has been described as a social justice camp. Tasha says, “It’s a way to bring awareness to young people and watch them understand how the world around them works”. Tasha adds, “We talk about oppressions that are specific to young people … These oppressions are the root causes of the violence we see today.”  Listen to Tasha as she details the impact on people’s lives as a result of this work.

Learn more about our series 'The Place You Startbrought to you by  Berks Women in Crisis.

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