The Brothers Maurer

The Brothers Maurer

Adrienne Wrona, District Executive with the Boy Scouts, Hawk Mountain Council, went to Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, Camp Meade to catch up with Cody and Cordell Maurer.  They grew up in Reading and were first exposed to scouting at an open house at Riverside Elementary School.  Cody says it all started with wind chimes at an open house!  

Tune in to find out why these brothers like Venturing so much. Cordell says scouting has really helped him develop leadership and interpersonal skills.  Cody says scouting is ticket out of the inner city environment.   These brothers found a new life in scouts and believe it’s important to give back and show other younger kids a different way of living.

Learn more about our series 'Prepare For Lifebrought to you by Hawk Mountain Scout Council.

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