The Power Of Collaboration

The Power Of Collaboration

What does SCORE and the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry have in common? A lot! Gail Landis, Vice President of Government & Community Relations says, “We work together to help business start-ups, early stage and second stage existing businesses.”

Right now, the best way to explain what is happening with businesses these days is to say there is an entrepreneurial eco-culture happening and SCORE is a vital part of it. Listen to Gail’s conversation to find out more.

If you have a burning desire to begin a business, make SCORE your best kept secret. We're just a phone call away, 610-376-3497. You’ll find us tucked away in the corner of the Chamber offices on the fifth floor of The Gateway Building, 201 Penn Street in Reading.

Listen to more of our story on SCORE, the Best Kept Secret and learn about how we are impacting other small business owners through mentoring and training.

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