What’s the Story? with Jo Painter | Meet the Asztalos Family – Part One!

Raising a Child Actor – It’s all In or All Out...

It’s a Family Affair!  Meet the Asztalos Family - Amy, Gyula and Owen Asztalos.  In part one of this two part series - Jo talks to this wonderful family about the journey of their son Owen.  Amy says,  “He literally came into the world dancing and impersonating Elvis”!  

How do you know if your child has that ‘special spark’?  Gyula recalls being told, “Your son is very talented, he is like a diamond in the rough” yet he was still skeptical.  Tune in to hear the journey that includes Owen impersonating characters at 2 years old and the defining moment witnessed on stage at the Santander Arena.

There have been many guides along the way for their family including Joel Gori, the Artistic Director of Metamorphosis Performing Company ,  AU, a production and management company in West Reading and Innovative Artists, Owen’s agent in New York.  In a short time span Own found himself in the movie, ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’ and in the Marco Polo Geico TV commercial. What does it take to help your child realize his acting dream?  100% commitment! Amy says, “You are either all in or all out…it’s a huge sacrifice and it costs a lot of money”!  So many lessons and wisdom in this story - stay tuned for Part Two and watch or listen to more What's The Story? episodes on What's the Story? with Jo Painter

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