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‘Stand Down’ at City Park Is Just The Beginning of a Bigger Movement To Help Our Veterans

There are scores of Homeless Veterans in Berks County and the Armed Forces Brotherhood is doing something about it. We talked with Chris Bower, a Marine Veteran and Robin Gilmore an Air Force Veteran, about what it really means to serve in the military. “You do whatever needs to be done!” It is that ethic that drives the ‘Stand Down’. That term is ordinarily related to battlefront duties, you essentially stop, eat, relax and re-set. Robin talks about the meaning of Brotherhood, “Here’s brotherhood, you’re hungry, I have a sandwich, you can have half …. And if you’re really hungry you can have the whole thing.”

These definitions are at the core of the monthly ‘Stand Down’ in City Park in Reading, PA. Clothing, shelters, hot-food, canned goods and pet food, bus passes and more are distributed monthly. But there is a bigger picture at play and Robin discusses some details of a proactive plan to work with the city to rehab city properties for veterans. Home Depot is ready to work with the Brotherhood to take beat up neighborhoods and turn them into vibrant communities. We can all help by lobbying local political officials to support the effort. Learn more at www.teamvcop.org

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