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Meet Christine Leonhardt, CEO of City Thrift, is all about Sharing The Love

Christine Leonhardt, CEO of City Thrift, is all about Sharing The Love So how does one “Share The Love” in a practical way? Christine Leonhardt talks about her journey from the corporate world to live her life’s mission to help people and do, as she says, “my bit of kindness and good every day to make the world a better place and hope that it branches out and other people catch the spirit”

She lights up as she talks about the people she meets at City Thrift and why it’s important to her to keep City Thrift alive. Christine Leonhardt’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is successful because many people in the greater Berks Community have caught her spirit and volunteer to help any way they can. Reading City Police, the Reading School District and numerous local shelters know they can count on Christine. She works hard to meet the needs of homeless in the city providing free clothing to help people on their journey to a new beginning and a better life.

Chrstine Leonhardt says, “The more you give, the more you get!”
Christine has tremendous faith and figured if she put herself out there, karma would work in her favor. She says, “,Sometimes things don’t happen the way you expect but at the end of the day everything works out.” What a difference she makes in the lives of people in this community!

When working with non-profits a portion of proceeds goes back to organizations. Watch or Listen to more episodes on What's the Story? with Jo Painter

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