What’s the Story? with Jo Painter | Meet Dr. Ahmad Shahzad

Dr. Ahmad Shahzad explores the healing connections of nature and mystic traditions of Islam and finds a place of healing.

He is a Doctor, a Painter, an Artist, a Photographer and more. We sat down with Dr Ahmad Shahzad to learn how he uses all these talents to bring about healing. Dr Shahzad found that a spiritual connection with wildlife helped him connect compassionately with his patients. He shares the lessons he learned from a cat and how he related his experiences to the mystic tradition of Islam that shares the concept of the sacred glance. “You must be in a non-judgmental state and totally present in your body in order to meet another person or soul or animal and connect in a sacred way and experience the presence of God”.

He says all of creation is of one Creator and so we are all connected. Dr Ahmad Shahzad studied and honed his talents in Pakistan. It was National Geographic TV shows that inspired him to come to America. He works hard to connect with his patients and looks for ways to promote healing and explore healing activities with patients and communities. “Every Glance Is Illuminating’ is a recent art exhibit he had on display at Reading Hospital. He adds some of his best and most honest critiques came from the untrained eye, from people who see and appreciate the art.

In 2011 he received the ‘Healing Art Of Medicine Award’ while training at the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Being present in the moment is vital to Dr Shahzad’s work. He continually promotes healing in all its forms and enjoys working closely with patients in rural areas.

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