What’s the Story? with Jo Painter | Meet Xiomara

Xiomara “There’s no such thing as easy money.” Here’s to New Beginnings!

Xiomara says “I was in a bad situation.” She describes the road she was on. “I thought I was doing worse than I really was. I started chasing money”. She says that is how she ended up in prison. Xiomara talks about the circumstances that led her to jail. “When it happened I quickly started to regret everything but it was too late for that I was headed to prison.”

Xiomara talks about how she transformed. “It made me a little bit tougher. It made me think. It was rough. I took a lot of classes to help me.” She was touched by other’s stories and says she heard unbelievable things you think wouldn’t happen, but did happen.
Xiomara recognizes what she could have done differently. “If I would have been clearer in my head I would have realized it was a bunch of lies and jealousy.” Listen to her story as she shares some advice that was hard earned.

As for her future, it’s looking good. She says, “There’s a lot of jobs out there, you just gotta look, stop taking the easy way out”. She has found that there are a lot of people out there willing to hire you and give you a chance and start a new beginning.

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