Whats the Story? with Jo Painter Meet Lynn Redding and Jane Runyeon

‘Ghost Train’ Bringing The Past To The Present As We Look Toward The Future Part 2

All Aboard the #Ghostrain! Learn how the railroad and trains shaped our lives and communities in the past. The Ghost Train art project will preserve the culture that was built around the railroad. Come to join us! Jane Runyeon is the Executive Director of this project, and she is joined by Lynn Redding in this second episode of the Ghost Train Project. Lynn Redding is the third member of the visionaries behind the Ghost Train. Lynn is a Lighting Designer, Architect, and Artist. She talks a bit about how she will incorporate her talents in the #Ghosttrain project to help re-purpose places to keep them alive and vibrant.

The High Line in the Chelsea District of New York City has been re-purposed in a big way and serves as an example of ways this can be done all over the country. The next stop for the Ghost Train project is right here in Reading, PA, home of the Reading Railroad. The Ghost Train will help us explore what life was like when this train culture all started. Seeing the past through this artistic lens will shed light on the impact of trains. The project will include visual arts, sound engineering, and interactive art to allow us to see the role of trains today differently and help us imagine what it might be like in the future. Picture pop-up exhibits as you board the Ghost Train and let your imagination run wild!  Enjoy more of these stories in What's the Story? With Jo Painter section.

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